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Dedicated to Rey, my son.

The only thing that is certain about the future is that time will pass and the present will slowly fade, and in turn be the past. But inspite of all its mysteries, the future is looked forward to with keen anticipation by most, for it holds a great promise of fulfillment.

Perhaps, my past was laced with failures and disappointment, but with each, was a valuable lesson. These lessons I now use to guide me toward a more meaningful future. Though I am now in the afternoon of my life, I have a son who is a promise of a great tomorrow. My endeavors are now primarily to shape his future.

My son is the extension of my life and it is my hope that he will succeed where I had failed. When that hope turns into reality, then my life has been fulfilled. To this end I now devote my efforts. He must have the tools that I lacked  for success. I must pave his road and supply adequate directions to the achievement of his chosen field. His success will be my success and I pray to God that nothing hinders that, for that  is what I want for the future.

                                                                                         Jim Waltz

Post Script......November '98
Rey is now a graduate student in the University of Washington in Seattle. He has a family of his own and is the proud father of a son, my grandson James Jurado Waltz II.

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