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Women' s  Liberation

For ages, the relationship between men and women was simple. Their tasks in life were well defined. Men went forth to fight battles for the safety of their women and children, and have striven against the elements to keep them fed, housed and clothed. Women maintained the household, cared for the children, and for their men assumed a variety of roles: as a wife and lover, as a loyal supporter, and as a counselor when the need arose.

This system, while perhaps not perfect, kept society a fairly well organized composition of tightly knit family units. It had worked and was still working well when the serpent of discontent reared its ugly head. Like the biblical apple, women tasted the fruit of emancipation and now desire an equal voice in everything, turning society into an ocean filled with the wreckage of broken homes that floundered onto the reefs.

Cries of alarm are coming from all quarters. Accusing fingers are being pointed at one another, creating a haze that hides the decaying carcass of our dead morality.

It is obvious that men cannot allow this to go on. Since they cannot stop the onslaught of women's push for total liberation, then men must draw from their inner reserves for the intellect that drew us from the Dark Ages and convert the results of women's reckless imprudence into a tool for the benefit of all.

To worry about competition from women is not only childish, but stupid to boot. True, they may perform many functions that used to be exclusively for men, but in so doing, they will have to give up more of what used to be women's. Except for childbirth, there is nothing a woman can do that a man cannot. Men have sufficient intelligence to master feminine crafts while women lack the physical strength to accomplish certain endeavors.

In the past, the courts had favored women. Certain laws were in effect for their protection. Judges and jurors were touched and swayed by the sight of tears streaming down a woman's cheeks. Countless fathers had lost children because of the chivalrous feelings aroused by feminine wiles.... children who later went astray for the lack of fatherly guidance. But all that are changing. Since women peeled off their cherubic masks, they are now viewed and treated in a different light. By their demands, they had exhibited the strength and capacity for wrong doings equal to, if not more than men. Precedents had already been set. Cases for which men get favorable decrees are no longer rarities.

Let women have equality, but men should unite to prevent the quest for liberation from turning into a thirst for subjugation. As a woman is essential to man, so is a man to a woman. It is a simple biological fact that could harness feminine power. Let their movement be the lathe to turn out the tools for men's advancement. Let their labors be men's gains. Let men enjoy the comforts of chauffeured drives and be the ones to give directions, rather than simply the hands that steer. In women's haste to turn the table, let it be turned on them. Let them have victory.... a Pyrrhic victory, then men will have the proverbial cake and eat it too.

                                                            Jim Waltz

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