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My Beautiful Wanchai Girl

It was in a dimly lit bar where my eyes first rested upon her most striking countenance. She was so beautiful that it was almost an impossibility to tear my gaze away and I think, that at that moment, she knew she had another admirer.

She was a contrast to the other girls of the "Wanchai", the so called Suzie Wong district of Hongkong. She was tan where they were pale and her cascading tresses put to shame the usual drab lacquerless hair of most Chinese. It took no great feat of deductive reasoning to know that she is a Eurasian. The desire to know her better engulfed me almost immediately.

As customary, I was asked if I wanted a girl to sit with me. I said I did and pointed her out. She ambled to my table with a cat-like, sensuous grace that sent my blood pressure high. She wore a well fitting "cheong-sam", just loose enough to hug the contours of her well proportioned, well endowed body, and the slits of her dress revealed a pair of smooth, finely shaped thighs. This girl, I thought, was the epitome of beauty born of the meeting of East and West.

Upon reaching my table, she gently sat herself down on a chair next to me. She favored me with a smile, revealing a set of beautifully matched set of teeth that glistened like polished ivory. I feasted my eyes on her enchanting face and found myself being drawn as if by a magnet. Her eyes were almondine, but I could not make out the color. I could only presume that they were brown. She had a finely chiseled nose that belied the Oriental in her, but her cheekbones hinted of it. Her lips were full and moist and so naturally red. The face as a whole, perhaps would not have been quite so striking had it not been for the dimple that dotted her somewhat pointed chin.

She was indeed a beauty and should I ever find myself in Hongkong again, I shall make a deliberate effort to find her and get to know her better. That night I met her certainly was not enough to satiate my desires.

                                                                                                                                                                            Jim Waltz

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